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Since no robust, medium-sized family dog of the Molosser type existed – something that was highly desirable, the Continental Bulldog had filled this gap – a fact that is proven by the many testimonials from enthusiastic lovers of the young breed.

The European Convention for the breeding and keeping of animals as well as Art. 10 of the Swiss Law for Animal Protection were the main reasons to start with a trial breed.

The aim of this work was to create a medium-sized Bulldog that would meet all the requirements demanded by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of a healthy, sound dog, which, however, would retain the highly valued temperament of the English Bulldog.

The cross breeding between the English and the Old English Bulldog under the supervision of the Swiss Kennel Club was very promising and it soon became evident that the whole venture would lead to the creation of a new breed close to the English Bulldog type.
In order to distinguish between the two breeds, the name of Continental Bulldog was chosen for the new breed. All decisions and measures for this work were in agreement with representatives of the Standard- and the Scientific Commissions of FCI (International Canine Federation).


How it all began.


The founding meeting took place on December 5, 2004 in the presence of a good number of Conti enthusiasts.


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The current members of the of the Committee of the CBCS.


The established team, This leads the Club at the moment.
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Everything for the continental Bulldog


The goal of our Club is to promote the breed Continental Bulldog which can be done by various means e.g. by taking part in our Events (please see the descriptions and pictures below). It is self-understood that we will gladly accept your suggestions for improvement or even offers of co-operation etc.



Traditionally, we organize a club show in June. Nowhere else are so many Contis simultaneously in one place. In September, it is then the family day, which provides fun and games. It provides fun and games.



Are you looking for a dog? Whether it’s puppies, but also adults Dogs. Here you will certainly find it.


To our goal of a healthy, not to lose medium-sized molosser dog from the eyes, watch our Breed Council about the program, compliance with the standards, the control of breeding sites and much more…



To develop the breed, are exhibitions essential. The judges and judges help, to keep the breed standard. Be the very best Champions and are an example for the entire race. >>>

Health fund

To achieve our goal of a healthy dog, have we established a health fund. We thus support the requirements of a Bonitation financially. If you have questions, please contact via the contact form to us.


Stud dogs

Perhaps you are also looking for a stud dog for your female dog?

The Conti in images

The Continental Bulldog is a sportif and agile dog even though at times he can be just lazy and a couch potato. He is a very friendly and affectionate dog which nearly always is also very photogenic. You may see for yourself.

And if you too have a good picture of your Conti, we will be please to publish it here.

The only condition: We need technically perfect images with sufficient resolution. In case there are also persons on the image their consent for its publication on the Web is required.


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